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Originally Posted by docbeemer View Post
I'm not sure BMW ever put an "M" badge on the back of any of their cars from the factory (asia or otherwise) if they were not an M3, M5 or M6.
yes they did -- but to clarify, this was only (so far) for the e46s and e39s (none yet (?) for the e90, etc.). unfortunately (and obviously), they're not on the websites anymore for me to point to but i know i have flyers which i'll try to dig out of storage and post. you can also check the asia section of e90post, e46fanatics, etc. and see references.

at that time, i had hoped bmw (asia) didn't go this route and just followed the uk style of just calling them 325 Sport or 330 Sport (which essentially had the same kits -- body, steering wheel, seats, wheels, anthracite headlining, suspension, etc.). and, yes, there was debate within these countries' enthusiast groups, too, on bmw's use of M on those.