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HighlandPete: sorry for the double threads -- I had started one in the General section also, just coz I bet a lot of people there (like me) would never have considered a suspension change because a degradation of ride quality would result.

jwong77: I wholeheartedly agree... actually that same Tire Rack review ( was what got me really looking into the FSDs as something I might buy.

captainaudio: Well, it's all relative. Out of all stock cars, the BMW sport suspension is a pretty good compromise of ride and handling. But I get what you're saying... I find it stupid that there's an aftermarket part that's cheaper and more capable in every way than the stock part. Except, I would bet, reliability. For parts that constantly move a lot like a shock, the chances of failure have to rise exponentially as the number of sub-components increases...

cvc 22349a: Heh, yes I did a lot of research... just seemed too good to be true, so I was quite suspicious. But from my own experience now I can see that it really is just that good. The perfect choice for someone who wants something like more comfort and flatter handling.