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Originally Posted by Drivaar View Post
captainaudio: Well, it's all relative. Out of all stock cars, the BMW sport suspension is a pretty good compromise of ride and handling. But I get what you're saying... I find it stupid that there's an aftermarket part that's cheaper and more capable in every way than the stock part. Except, I would bet, reliability. For parts that constantly move a lot like a shock, the chances of failure have to rise exponentially as the number of sub-components increases...
Well we can agree to disagree because I feel very strongly that the BMW 3 Series Sport Suspension is poorly engineered and poorly sorted out. It is a lousy compromise because the ride quality sucks and the handling is mediocre at best in the real world environment that the cars are driven in,

I am by no means the only one that feels this way, Google "Pothole Explosions"

I recently drove from Manhattan to Lime Rock in a friends Cayman S. I take exactly the same route almost every weekend in my 335i and have driven it with the stock RFTs and dampers, with non-RFTs and the stock dampers and with non-RFTs and Koni FSDs. The Cayman handled potholes and irregularities at least as well, if not better than my 335i in its present state and an order of magintude better than when it was it stock form. So much for the "That the price you pay for good handling" theory,

There is an excellent post on this forum that explains the issue with the stock suspension very clearly.

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