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captainaudio: I'm not disagreeing... I was just saying compared to other cars of lower or equal price (say a G35, IS 350, 350z, or S4), the BMW sport suspension is a good compromise. Comparing to more expensive cars isn't quite fair, no?

Anyway, I agree the stock suspension's got issues. Especially on sharp bumps. That's where I see the biggest improvement with the FSDs. There are some very sharp speed bumps now that used to be nasty, but now they are very reasonable. And normal shallower speed bumps are just pleasant.

Some people might call is "disconnected" not to feel every little bump on the road, but I think it's actually great because you still get the nice loaded feeling on the steering. No one really needs to know that they went over a penny here or there. (And that is really not an exaggeration with the stock shocks... you really can feel such things and I suppose that is a little cool, but uncomfortable on non-perfect roads!)