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Me and a buddy did this today. Took us about 7 hours. We used about 5.5 cans of B12. The hardest part was taking off the 3 screws of the evil box of wire harnesses. When we put it back, we simply skipped the middle bolt. It was pretty impossible to put back. That screw literally needs to be shorter.

Anyways, I installed my AFE DCI and an oil change after driving around town for a bit. What I noticed is the idle is steady and I have a bit more power but I think that's because of all 3 combined: valve cleaning, DCI and oil change.

Here's a link to the gun cleaning kit I bought:

I would try to buy a bigger kit as I was running out of brushes. They would get flat after each valve cleaning. Also if it gets gunky, use another brush to brush off the gunk and keep using it. That's what made me last using whatever is in that kit. The big brush is very useful for the walls.