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Originally Posted by Drivaar View Post
..Anyway, I agree the stock suspension's got issues. Especially on sharp bumps. That's where I see the biggest improvement with the FSDs. There are some very sharp speed bumps now that used to be nasty, but now they are very reasonable. And normal shallower speed bumps are just pleasant.

Some people might call is "disconnected" not to feel every little bump on the road, but I think it's actually great because you still get the nice loaded feeling on the steering. No one really needs to know that they went over a penny here or there. (And that is really not an exaggeration with the stock shocks... you really can feel such things and I suppose that is a little cool, but uncomfortable on non-perfect roads!)
Similar thoughts to myself.

BMW have tended to place primary ride control, over secondary ride comfort. Wasn't always as extreme, firm yes, but never the way it has become in the last 8 or so years. Problem is we need near perfect roads for that sort of set up, then add the fashion for big rims and rubber band tires and we have a recipe for very poor road feel.

One of our top UK motors magazines ran a blog on "handling vs. ride comfort", and it was clear many drivers still put 'fashion over form' and will put up with poor driving dymanics in a quest for this 'pseudo' form of handling on big rims.

The modern fashion for over firm rides, do not give real handling improvements, in normal driving situations, as Kevin Bird (highly respected here in the UK) has rightly highlighted and developed and built a proper solution. For me, I want a fluid drive with total predictability, the OEM offerings are not giving that these days, in a sport setup. So easy to go outside the working envelope, just on our average daily drives.

I know there are situations where we may 'fancy' perfect feedback, but most of us are using our cars for the daily drive, carrying passengers as well. Compromises have to be made, (on any suspension setup) but making a car into a Go-Kart, is not my idea of a road car which has to do everything, on all kinds of roads.

So other than a fully developed system like Kevin's offering, the Koni FSD is, IMO, the simplest change to get most benefit.