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Originally Posted by dzenno View Post
Not really, the stock tune actually has more timing "advance" than that...changing that seems to be the easy part as well as AFR targetting which the flashes do the best in terms of end boost definitely poses a significant challenge and I can't wait to see what/how COBB will manage it...
I don't think GIAC or any flash tuner has any issue with top end boost. They just tune the engine at the limit of detonation (probably a bit safer than that) for a given octane, and that combination of boost and advance they found to be the maxium knock-free combination. I don't think you can run high boost and high ignition advance at the same time at that RPM. With piggybacks they can raise the boost to like 16psi on top but the ECU pulls the ignition advance to lower values by detecting knock, I don't think I saw logs with 16psi on top and 14 degrees of advance (with pump gas).