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Originally Posted by dzenno View Post
Obviously high boost+high timing+high rpm (i.e. aggressive tuning) requires high octane and the DME will do what its "programmed" to do or NOT to do as a response to set requested parameters. It is most certainly a challenge for any N54 flash to arbitrarily raise boost past 5300rpm, it is not easy at all from what I've seen with a Stage 3 alpha map I'm testing. They are working on it and I'm sure they'll figure it out but its not simple at all like it is with the piggies. Some of the logic is buried deep into the N54 ROM and requires a significant amount of time and wizardry almost to find and reprogram. Its easy enough to raise load to stock+X but there are many things to take into account as the rest of the DME logic will just tell your settings to F* off and close the throttle blade not allowing that boost to go through to the engine...Digging out the "why" is the tricky part

To you I'd suggest not making bold assumptions like that especially when they're incorrect...having said that, i've been guilty of the same in the past so I'm also working on it
My thoughts were based on what power can the piggybacks (at their stock settings) obtain compared to flashes. If you take a stock JB4 it makes the same power as the GIAC Stage 2 even on the highest maps, with the boost and ignition curves very similar (I checked this with a friend of mine). Of course, this can be altered with bypassing safety resistors, etc. but to me it means that BMS found out that those boost/ignition settings are the highest safe settings, after years of playing with the N54 engine. It's probably not a coincidence that GIAC found out the same settings as being optimal.