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ATF cooler

Originally Posted by jbass524 View Post
Oh Hack. Don't be a hater. I never knew I would drive my car on the track when I bought it and voila, I'm introduced to a whole new hobby because of it. It's the car I have so it's the car I drive.

With all that, if I knew then what I know now I would have bought an MT or waited for the M3.

You can still have fun with an AT (sub 2 at Infineon on streets) but it'll just never be a great track car or the best 335 you can track.
Has anyone put in an ATF cooler before the heat exchanger, perhaps with an inline filter before the cooler? That way the heat exchanger warms up ATF for daily driving in winter, but the cooler keeps ATF (and engine coolant) temperature down in summer and at the track. The inline filter should keep cooler and ATF clean. Perhaps then ATF flushes with an in-line filter change could do away with periodic replacement of the ATF pan/filter. Please, all of you let me know what you think.