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Originally Posted by BMWsky View Post
I'm wondering if it truly is the FP or if others are experiencing the same issues. When I threw the CEL and "reduced power" warning, I turned off the car, cleared the code, changed the tune and drove the heck out of the car with no issues. It only acts up when I start up the car, not when I've been driving it around and only on the 2.03 v2 and Beta 3.0 maps. Doesn't do it stock or on the 2.02 maps. Weird.

I took it to an indy shop owned by a former BMW Master Tech and he couldn't find anything wrong. I suppose I could have BMW do a leakdown test for some peace of mind, but don't want to pay for it...guess I'm not that desperate yet.
At first i was thinking that my hpfp gone,but after i reinstalled tune everything was allright even during hard accelerations

Don't wanna by new hpfp... Do you know how much is it?