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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
A common misconception, eating before sleeping can affect your sleep quality, but has no overall effect on metabolism, as you process caloric intake the same whether you are asleep or awake. A similar misconception is that eating numerous small meals a day leads is more advantageous than more traditionally spaced meals, but the fact is that all things equal, your body does not care when you consume, rather how much you consume.

The important thing there is "all things equal." Many report that not eating before bed, or eating numerous small meals aids them in weight control because while there is not a scientific, causal relationship, it is possible that for some people a correlation exists. That is to say, eating numerous small meals can help one manage their appetite, making them less inclined to over-eat at lunch or dinner. For some people, eating before sleeping damages their sleep quality, and there is a lot out there suggesting a causal relationship between sleep deprivation and weight gain / obesity. Additionally, late snacks are often quick, higher calorie affairs, and could be the difference in hitting your target caloric intake, and over shooting it.

Long story short, put down the fork!