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What does wealth mean to you?

I just finished watching an ABC / 20/20 documentary on some of the new millionaires/ billionaires in America. Each person seemed to percieve weatlh in very different ways, but all played around the same theme of giving instead of recieving. While many of the young and rich are very enveloped in the "life in the fast lane", there are those that appreciate hardwork, and more importantly the people that make wealth possible.

Enough summary, I want to know how you guys interpret wealth, and what wealth means to you?

For me, wealth is more of a state of mind, being happy w/ where I'm at in life, constantly refining my craft, building and nurturing my realtionships(family, freinds, etc.), and always realizing new dreams, turning them into reality. You never wanna eat alone at the dinner table. The money and all the material things come last, those things could go on forever, but you don't.