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I have read all the discussions in this thread and still can't figure the right solution, so here are my questions:

@M3-FAST: After you started washing the door rubbers with warm water and some Fairy, how long did it took for the door rubbers to stop squeaking? Have you washed them several times or did they stop squeaking immediately?

@Boyd1963: You said you did your "top strip" with Gummi Pfledge. What EXACTLY do you mean by "top strip"? A picture would worth more than a thousand words.

Please answer to my questions as I hate this squeaking sound
It all started after applying Sonax Gummi Pfledger on them couple of months ago. I tried to fix it using a siliconic gel (now that was a mistake...) and, after that, some talcum powder, but with no effect. Then again used the Sonax. Squeaks still here!
Please help!