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Can I please just check that if this needs to kick at all the light on the dash would come up?

Is it just the DTC dash light or is it the circle and triangle job that would flash when it is actually doing its stuff with regards to stability?

Had the warning light for this come on once when driving home but turned off and turned on ignition again it had gone away and the car self check things said CHECK OK so though no more of it but since then I am sure I have never seen the activation light come on. Sure I chuck the car round the same way I used to and my self doubt is making me think the back is a bit more playful now but maybe it does not come that much anyhow and it is actually working ok?

When I press the DTC button itself then the light comes on so I know that the bulb ain't gone for the DTC indicator, maybe it has for the circle/triangle one maybe?

Basically would the warning symbol for this be on all the time if the unit had failed?