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Originally Posted by Shazmonkee View Post
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That would be very interesting how law would change due to this.
I'm interested to see where this goes. I'm surprised the majority is not.
It's because most people fear and hate change. They only care about how they won't be able to drive cars or paranoid that machines would "take over the world". Pretty sure BMW wouldn't be as successful as today without their innovative concepts.

Just because the article talks about an automated-driving vehicle, people freak out.

Also, I think BMWs target market is majority pre-Web2.0 era. I bet "kids" today will be more open to innovative ideas like these when they're actually adults, which is probably when these ideas will probably come to full fruition. Smart move to me--might as well prepare for the next generation market since the current major one will die off sooner or later
But you're missing a major point. If this was a self automated Rolls Royce, sure no problem. That's supposed to be the ultimate in luxury motoring. It would be amazing.
A self automated BMW is an oxi-moron. It defeats the purpose of a BMW in the first place.
Imagine how boring a formula 1 race would be if vettel, Hamilton, and Alonso were replaced with robots. Not too exciting. It wouldn't be "who is the better driver?" it would be more like "which team makes the better micro processor?"
And not for nothing, with all the cost cutting BMW does on it's current cars, would you really trust snarls automated BMW? They can even get a HPFP to function properly, but they think they can use artificial intelligence in there cars. Not quite.
There is a place for this technology, just not in a BMW.
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