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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
Well, I'll give you that this response is at least debatable more so than the other guy.

I still think you're so mis-guided and maybe brainwashed. I can't believe I'm getting into this again...but this fascinates me that so many people think like this.

So maybe you can calm down and THINK and maybe debate this.

1. Why would you have to SEE someone driving with their bed full to believe that they ever use it more?

2. They block the roads? Do you just happen to live somewhere unique in America where the roads are more narrow than other places? We have so much room here with such wide roads that I can't understand how this is a big deal. Sometimes I get behind a truck that annoys me. But it doesn't cause me to stereotype all truck drivers and assume they don't use their truck for hauling.

3. As far as I know, everyone bitches about gas prices. I think the left in this country love high gas prices for a number of reasons. But this is another debate.

4. I don't understand the reference to America. Do you understand that there are A LOT of trucks in other countries? I have been all over the world. And Europeans in particular....LOVE trucks and are jealous that we have all the room we have to own them. If they could afford to drive them and dealerships were selling them, they would buy them like crazy.

I just can't understand why you would sit there every day....and eventually come to the conclusion that trucks are the devil. Just please try to think about these things logically. Please don't sit there and let hatred and anger develop about such silly things. Trust me, you will be a much happier person. And don't do the knee-jerk response you posted above with cussing/etc. It really does make you look/sound stupid...
1. Because a truck should always be a backup vehicle. It should never be driven as a daily driver. I see almost 50% of SUVs/trucks in SoCal with either no cargo or passenger. That, to me, says the majority of truck users use it as their DD. If you ain't hauling... Park it and take the other car. If you can afford a 50K truck, you can afford to buy another fuel-efficient daily.

2. I never said they block roads. I said they block vision. I can brake earlier if I can see two cars ahead of me through the windshield of the person in front of me. With a tall truck or SUV, that's not possible.

3. I don't bitch about gas prices. It doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I hope it goes to $10 a gallon so people will pedal a fucking bike and I'll still fill up just fine. Or better yet... Learn to ride a motorcycle. I get more than 40 MPG on my ZX-6R

4. Let's not turn this into a pissing contest about how many countries we've been to. Most European countries tax their cars based on displacement. Most cars you'll see in any European country is less than 2.0 liters. You talk about affordability. EXACTLY... The government wants to make it prohibitive to drive a huge truck. The U.S. is psychologically light-years behind in forward thinking. We have the technology to be efficient but our mentality prevents us from being so. You want to talk Asia? Same deal. Displacement tax. Guess what? A Lambo owner has to pay a shit-ton extra to get plates and registration in Taiwan because the engine's over 5,999 ccs in size. China? They have so many cars they only allow either odd or even numbered plates on the road any given day. Ask them if they buy their trucks as a daily or as a status symbol? We trivialize the owning of trucks like it's matter-of-fact.

To support trucks used as they are (AKA NOT HAULING) would be, in fact, the illogical thing. I can count the number of times I needed to use a hauler in my entire life with my two hands. Unless someone moves a lot or works in the construction / logistics-related industry, I see no legitimate reason. Let's not forget most trucks have bad handling compared to even a seriously-driven econo-box. Sure, a truck will probably demolish the competition in an accident but why get into one in the first place? I get the whole mentality of buying a shitty driver a huge truck to save himself. Not me.
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