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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Keep in mind; E92 M3 owners without sunroof DO NOT have a grounding screw available, so this method will not work.
Don't worry. M3's aren't fast anyway. You shouldn't need a radar detector if you have one. Oh wait, if you buy an exhaust for $3,000, you might save a tenth in the quarter!

Not tryin to be a dick. I just love giving M3 guys shit. Neither of our cars are fast. It's hilarious what people will spend, though, on parts to make them 'faster'.

If you want speed, there are so many other cars that will burn you for soooooo much less. And don't give me 'oh, but an M3 is such a better car in every category'. STFU and stop being a pussy. I love mopping the floor with EVERY BMW with my 'other car'. Don't want to say what it is because people jump to conclusions. I guess I am the stereotypical **** ******* owner and *** *** owner at the same time.

End of rant.