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Jerez Black / Fox Red / Aluminum Trim / Pre-Lci / 220M M3

Jerez Black / Fox Red / Aluminum Trim / Pre-Lci / 220M E90 M3

Last night I was driving my wife's GTi home from Rona with a trunk full of bamboo flooring when I saw a flock of Mustangs and a dark BMW pull in to the parking lot.

I realized it was an E90 M that looked very similar to mine, so I did the car guy (stalker) thing and looped around, parked and walked over to the guy getting out of his car with all of his Mustang buddies.

I mentioned my car is very similar and we chatted a little bit about any others we had seen. I'm pretty sure he felt I was full of shit as he watched me climb back in my wife's red GTi and crawl out of the parking lot.


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