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Originally Posted by Raggie View Post
I have been trying to get my head round gear ratio's and their relation to speed and rpm. Being an electornic engineer does not help here.. lol

does anyone know the gearing ratio for the 335i (e92 - auto), for 6th gear, and what the calculated speed would be at 5K RPM in top gear?

In theory of course..

keeping in mind the cars electronicly limited top speed, what rpm would one expected to see this hit at?

You also need to take into account the tyre dimensions and the final drive ratio.

Using this calculator:

and the information here:

The theoretical top speed with 17 inch rims would be 217.83 mph @ 7000 rpm.

This doesn't mean that the engine has the power to deliver this speed, it is simply the maximum road speed that the transmission can achieve at 7000 rpm.

You can also see that the limiter would be hit at 5,000 rpm in 6th gear.