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Originally Posted by Catscratch View Post
Well I'll post my problem here since there are a lot of people here who have a 335d. Well I received my E92 coupé ( last weekend. Because of the bad experiences I've read here about RFT, I've replaced them by Goodyear F1 Asymmetric tyres.

The car is very very comfortable on 19" tyres. But when taking a corner a bit sporty, you can feel the car wobble. It doesn't feel very very stable. What could this problem be?

Many people told me the 335d is a heavy engine and in combination with softer non-RFT (BMW's suspension for the E92 is designed for RFT), you get instable cornering.

What should I do? Is this true? Does the tyre pressure of a regular tyre need to be higher then a run flat one? The only solution they advise me is to go back to RFT (I still got my original ones - Bridgestones). Still I'm a bit afraid 19" + RFT will be to harsh of a ride.
I think you've jumped the gun by ditching the runflats so soon. They really are not a problem in terms of handling since the suspension is tuned specifically for them.

However, you really should not be feeling any cornering instability, just because of a change of tyres.

Are you certain that the goodyears have been properly fitted (ie. correct pressures, wheels balanced, alignment checked, tyres facing in the correct direction etc..)?