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Originally Posted by shadowcoder View Post
I had my clear bra installed by Jeremy. Workwise the result is average. He
also chipped the paint of my new freshly painted bumper at the corner, and
he was trying to deny it. He made a mess out of one film as well and he
didn't have a spare with him so I had to waste another hour for him the
following day. If you have a black car and you are looking for the ultimate
result or you are a perfectionist, then Jeremy is NOT your guy.

I also had my tints installed by Gerardo of automall tint factory in Fremont.
I did Huper Optik 40% at the back and 50% on the sides both front and rear.
Very professional and the result came out 99,999% perfect which is all that
you can expect from a tint job. Very satisfied and happy with the guy and
his job. Highly recommended.
Agree that Jeremy's work on my car was not superb, he had to pull film and reapply leaving stretch marks, also when he applied the film to the OEM lip for the E92 he left a gap along the lowest part of the lip - ie area most prone to damage..

he did seem like a very good guy and easy to work with - also I don't have a great point of refence as far as other people's work