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Originally Posted by e90-328i View Post
I guess he didn't tell you that merc beat them in sales this year in Canada or that Audi has gained alot this year although still a lot less than BMW.
Plus Audi getting rid of quattro is like BMW dropping the 'm'
He more than likey meant they are redesigning it which I sure x drive will be once Audi brings out new version of theirs. Maybe soon x drive will be as good as a range rover in awd.
But the fact remains that BMW Canada hates rwd IMO
Makese sense about Quattro..he was probably just giving me sales pitch..but the numbers he showed me were true...I saw the chart with my own eyes. you are right BMW was neck and neck with Merc, Audi was #3...his chart which was from a monthly email showed BMW #1 (pdf attachment from outlook email or whatever)...again could have been a marketing/sales tactic....Merc's financing rates are unbelievable for lots of models - as low as 1.25%...