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Well, my LCI paddles now work

There are actually two resistors in each LCI paddle and they are different in the + versus the - paddle.
I made the changes as follows:

The LCI - (minus marked) paddle is shown stock here:
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I removed the middle resistor and shorted the upper resistor with a small wire:
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Heres the stock LCI + (marked plus_ paddle
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I removed the middle resistor and shorted the lower resistor with a small wire. Sorry forgat to take a pic of that one, was too excited to go install it

Here's the final result, I'm liking the feeling of these paddles much much better and no more confusing push/pull mistakes
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For some more electronics minded people here, below is the rough (I know) schematic of the LCI minus paddle, this explains why I removed one resistor (the 6Kohm) and shorted the other (0.3Kohm) one. With those mods the switch now acts like the original pre-LCI switch: no more resistance when switch is open and zero resistance when the switch is closed.
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