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Screwed up, a little

So I was following the DIY Steps, made a backup of my CAS Module. Was just following the DIY to get the digital Speedo. Ok so, I changed it to "aktiv" like the DIY says, processed the car, and it worked.

I decided I wanted to revert it back to stock, loaded the backup file, and this is where trouble started. My speedo stopped functioning, I was getting a message that left and right fog lights don't work (I don't have fogs since I have an "is")...

So maybe I figured I would process the CAS with a blank .MAN file, didn't work. So I tried processing the car with a blank .MAN file, then the speedo stopped working.

I got the speedo working again, right now only problems are that I get the message that the fogs don't work, and the digital speedo is still displaying even though I returned the setting to "nicht_acktiv" in both the .TRC and .MAN files...

Originally when I read the modules the backup file was 221kb, now if I read its 230kb...also when I read it the .TRC file is a 8kb file, not sure why.

Kind of at a lose here, anyway I can maybe just revert everything back to the way it was and process the whole car?
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