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Originally Posted by ELITE_TRAYUNZE View Post
Do you not have the right to void the contract since the delivery date has been pushed back?...Does it not say on your contract when you will take delivery? Did you agree on paper to the delayed delivery date?

Let's say you refuse to accept the car at the delayed date? I cannot understand why you would lose your deposit in that case.
The delivery date was verbally agreed on August (it was shown in their system) and it was also written down in the "Picking Up Your BMW" sheet by the business manager. The delayed delivery date was not agreed upon on paper since nobody knew that it was going to be delayed. Apparently BMW AG needs a few number of RWD cars to be ordered in order for them to produce and ship them to Canada. This kinda makes sense from their point of view.

The reason the dealer wants to keep the deposit is due to the fact that I have ordered a car to my tastes and nobody will ever buy a 6MT RWD car as most of the sales are X Drive.