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Thumbs up Goodyear Asymmetric 2 review (19s)

Hi all,

Just moved from Bridgestone run flats on 19" alloys to the recently launched Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 2 which was newly launched in May 2011. The Asymmetric 2 is only available as a non-run flat tyre. I thought I'd put up first impressions to help those deliberating the move to non-RFTs.

To put it in context, I've previously driven on 19" alloys on previous cars Continental Sport Contact 3 as well as Dunlop Sport Maxx GT's, to help you understand the reference points. The car is an e92 335d M Sport 2009, where the suspension is a little softer than my previous 2007 e92 330i M Sport.

+ Comfort - far less jolt from cat-eyes. Catching a dip in the road can still of course be felt, but doesn't have the crash/bang of the run-flat. Still rides like a car on low-profile tyres of course. The ride was so much softer I had to check the pressures when I got home, wondering if the fitter had under-inflated them. Nope! they were running door-plaque pressures already
+ Tram-lining reduction - in the inside lane on motorways where the HGV's have worn ridges into the road, the car doesn't drift into the grooves like it did on the Bridgestones and feels much more planted
+ Noise - *vastly* reduced road noise
+ Grip - only tested in the dry so far, but under 'brisk' cornering, handles imperfections/ridges in the road much better and just clings on - v confidence inspiring, where the Bridgestones and the Dunlops had a tendency to skip or get the traction control light on.

A matter of taste
+ Steering bite: as per previous reviews on Continental Sport Contact 5P's, there is a slight loss of steering 'bite' when compared to the Bridgestone RFT's but with 19" alloys I've found this to be an improvement and makes the drive less fussy.

Vast improvement and no regrets at all, I wouldn't ever go back to Bridgestones. The ride is so much quieter and the car is now the right balance of handling finesse and day to day comfort. The best tyre I've driven on, bar nonr, (previously Conti SC3, Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3's, Dunlop Sport Maxx GT, Dunlop Sport Maxx, Bridgestone RE050 non-RFTs)

Hope that helps. Watch out though, the rear size of 255/30/R19 is hard to get hold of at the moment.

Event Tyres fitted them at the house and were awesome, definitely recommend.

Any questions, happy to help.