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Originally Posted by Adoc View Post
+ Comfort - far less jolt from cat-eyes. Catching a dip in the road can still of course be felt, but doesn't have the crash/bang of the run-flat. Still rides like a car on low-profile tyres of course. The ride was so much softer I had to check the pressures when I got home, wondering if the fitter had under-inflated them. Nope! they were running door-plaque pressures already

A matter of taste
+ Steering bite: as per previous reviews on Continental Sport Contact 5P's, there is a slight loss of steering 'bite' when compared to the Bridgestone RFT's but with 19" alloys I've found this to be an improvement and makes the drive less fussy.

Those two points above, you need to run non run flats at around 10-15% higher pressure than run flats.
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