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Originally Posted by BooDaddy View Post
Well I burned the East region onto a DVD-R disk (TDK brand) and I can put the disk in the drive, and the Navi will prompt me it needs to update, and to restart system in 5 minutes. I do the reboot process, and then the unit will reboot. I goto the navi section, and the unit will tell me to insert the navigation DVD. I have tried many times, but it will not read the disk. What types of DVD (DVD-r, DVD+r, DVD+-R) have you guys gotten the drive to read?
I have a 2006 325I with iDrive and Navigation. I am not sure which navi I have
DVD-R should work. Not reading the disk can be due to various factors
such as the media brand and the DVD player used to create the disk not
writing the disk with high enough intensity such that BMW's DVD player
can read it. The media I used is a Sony DVD-R.