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Originally Posted by Rafstar View Post
Iv'e done the test already. My friend has a n54 with jb4 + intake vs my car which is xdrive +n55 + procede v5 + downpipes. On a 2nd gear pull it's fairly equal but once we get in 3rd gear he has about half a car in front. Bare in mind he doesn't have downpipes. N54 pulls harder than n55 period!!!
I'm curious to see the results if I get the jb4 for n55 and do another comparision with my friend.
Dude if you have an x-drive and he has the rwd that automatically throws your results off lol. You have much higher drivetrain loss than he does and you have much less rolling race power. Plus you are much heavier.

We need two identical cars - both sedans, both rearwheel drive and both with identical transmissions, one with an N54 and one with an N55, this needs to be isolated to only one variable and that is engine.
2jZ + RB26 + 4G63 + LS9 + N54 =