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Nother stock e92 =)

So I finally pulled the trigger on a Black e92 335i sport package, with light interior which I have grown to absolutely love!

So far I have had the car for 2 days and wrapped up 400 miles at 17! This car is everything I thought it would be and then some!

But today has been a bad day, I was turning right onto an intersection and a truck went around me and cut me off. The only way I could avoid a collision was to merge right onto a curb This resulted in major curb rash, crushed ego, and 4 error codes (which I will post and hopefully some will chime in?)

She is stock.... For now

E92 - St00k lyfe by Trevor Thompson, on Flickr

If anyone know's what these mean, how to get them fixed (dealer I know) My alignment is also out of whack.
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