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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
Yup the price sounds about right with Dinan, and the power out put is what it is with piggybacks. I am not all about HP though, just conservative about warranty and getting the best under that warranty.

If my goal was HP then I could have taken all that Dinan money I spent and built myself a 10sec 335i long time ago before I got a 335is. Thats not my goal though.

Think about it, the average person with a piggyback is not going to be riding around daily on 15-16 psi of boost. If you did you would be digging deep into your pockets for gas money and more wear and tear on the turbos

So the way I look at it is if we were to meet on the road, you cant change maps while driving, so on a roll I will eat you alive all day long unless you decide to stop the car put it in the desired map then track me down for another roll.

BTW the BMW DME automatically adjusts performance based on temps also per octane levels. Dinan tune is dependant on the DME logic to make the proper changes and does not manipulate it.

Ofcourse 15-16psi is on a cold day. I boost normaly at 13psi. also we cna switch map in a flick of a buttin. from map 1-7 takes me not even 5 seconds to switch from autotune map to full race map. if i know im gonna race that night i put in race gas n press the volume buttin down 1 time and i go into map 7 which is full race map. I have it all set-up ofcourse with yours, your all ready everyday all day haha. I gotta switch for driving normaly or racing. ofcourse i dont get 26mpg anymore. all these mods has put my car down to 17mpg now :/ but yeah your right. true performance is thru Dinan