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Originally Posted by dwm2287 View Post
Nice car! Not currently in the market...

But just as a FYI last year I picked up a non-CPO E90 328xi 6 speed SG, 44k on the clock with cold, premium, sport, logic 7, navi, and adaptive cruise control for 23k from a private seller from Madison.

And good god don't bring it to the dealer, you'll get 17k, that is if of course they're feeling particularly generous that day...

Bump for a fellow CT member & GLWS!
Hah - thank you sir! Actually, BMW of Greenwich offered $22k ... which I thought was quite good. But they were selling a similar car on the lot that was CPO'd for $30!! I couldn't believe it.

At first, they offered me $19k, and I asked the difference between my car and the one they had on the lot, and they said "It's CPO'd." I asked how much it was to add the extended warranty on mine, and they said "about $3,000." After realizing how stupid they looked, and some more haggling, they bumped up their offer on mine to $22,000, but still not close enough.

I won't let this one go for less than $24,000.

thanks for the bump!
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