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Originally Posted by Nutkrkr View Post
TPMS Indicator light came on this morning. Tires not flat. Took to Firestone to have them check the pressure. Pressure for the two front tires was a little low at 30 and the back was where they needed to be at 36. They brought the two front tires up to 32 for me and when I got in the car the TPMS indicator was still lit. I drove the car about 10 miles to see if that would get it to pick it up but no luck. When I returned to my office I went through the process to reset the indicator; again with no luck;it is still lit. Any ideas?
The procedure you should use is this:

Got to the monitor system and click once to make the notification disappear. Next, click and HOLD until the item until a check marked [box] appears... this should now be the benchmark for the PSI on your tires and your notification shouldn't reappear unless you have something wrong with the sensor or rapid loss of pressure (or standard low tire).
Try to find a tutorial on YouTube...
If you've done exactly this, i would go to a BMW specialist (or autozone) for a system error check and see what the underlying problem is...