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Thanks Guys.

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don't be afraid of that 16-35..... it stays on my 5DII most of the time, unless i'm shooting portraits.

also the 70-200 makes for a nice portrait lens as well as your wildlife and sports lens.

you just have to keep a little more distance from people. but you can achieve some great bokeh with it. (F4 or F2.8 versions)

but for travel, the 16-35 and 24-70 have been my 2 best travel companions.

Great shots, glad to see you're enjoying then northern regions

and 64 degree water isn't toooooo bad, just don't want to spend much more then 10 minutes in there
I'll put the 16-35 on there and see how it goes. Like i said, i've only used it for some test shots and to take pics of my 40D to sell it.

I like using the 70-200 for just about everything that i have enough room for. It's the 2.8 IS version so it's pretty darn versatile when it comes to light conditions. Nearly every shot up in this thread was taken with the 24-70. kind of a double edged sword though. The 24-70 is most useful, but the least sharp of my 3 lenses. I wonder if i can send it in for calibration or something along those lines.....

Anyhow, the UP was great. We were in Superior as well, but it was just after a day of Mtn Biking so my legs were happy for the ice bath.
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