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Originally Posted by oneintheory View Post
and OOF.

seeing this thread makes me realize just how little i process. i watched Mark's screencast...and in the time it took him to do that image (even subtracting some 'talking' time), i could have processed 40 shots. i've used photoshop like 5 times in the past 6 months. but i want to start improving my skills in it.
I think it's fun to be able to make something completely different or really save a bad pic, but for the last year or so i've tried to process images very soon after i've captured. This is so that i can have the memory of the scene clear in my mind and try to match the image to it.

I've been trying to get it right in the camera first much more than before. Finding it pretty rewarding as well. These threads are still really fun and can help lots of people learn PS skills.

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