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Originally Posted by sunpole View Post
Guys, I need your help...

Over the Labor day weekend, I finally put together my upgrade project - the full Jehnert flatline series + XD600/6 amp. I was expecting an easy installation, but it turned out to be a total disaster, well not entirely, I'm happy with the underseat bass as it is full and punchy.

But the good news end here... There are 2 problems,

- A constant white noise coming from the door speakers and tweeters even when the volume is turned off, I had to adjust the gain all the way to 0 to alleviate this.
- When playing any kind of percussion high pitch sound, it sound harsh, noisy, pronounced and dispersed, I don't how else to describe it, on a lot of the songs it is unbearable when playing at any level of loudness. This can't be normal! Are my tweeters defective?? Do you think this could be the same as the white noise problem?

Needly to say I am very disappointed at the moment, with time and $$$ premium I paid for the speakers... Can someone tell me what's wrong and how to fix this??

One thing worth mention is I stripped the crossover box to bare circuit so it would fit on the door, I hope that is not the cause, other than that I did a pretty standard installation following what the experts have already done on this forum.

- HiFi HU -> Technic's harness -> XD600
- ch1,2 for front, bridged ch3,4 and ch5,6 for the underseats respectively
- 4 gauge wire for power connection nice and secure. Tried both battery ground and left rear seat ground, but result the same.
- when unplug Technic's RCA inputs from the amp, hissing noise gone, but of course that's the only source input I can't do without it...

Thanks for looking!

Someone reading this might get the impression that you bought poor equipment. You seem to have bought nice equipment - in fact, you seem to have bought the branded gear we suggested when you emailed us (but without the parts we include to make everything foolproof, plug-and-play, and easy).

I don't know where you bought it, and given that you wired the crossovers yourself - no offense meant, but I have no idea if you wired the speakers correctly either. That's why we provide that speaker in-door plug-and-play harness which you mentioned in an earlier post - so that there's no possibility of anyone getting any of the connections wrong.

(By the way, I don't know how you mounted the circuit board, but if you used anything with a metallic surface, such as sound damping material with aluminum, or even metallic duct tape...)

Did you use twisted-pair RCA from the Technic harness to the amp input?

I've followed your hiss problem posts, and the last thing you need to do is add more gear. You've seen our customers post that they haven't had hiss problems with this amp unless the gains are too high, and I haven't seen hiss problems with this amp myself. I've also heard these speakers, and I know that when everything is properly connected, this gear should sound great.
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