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I don't know where you bought it, and given that you wired the crossovers yourself - no offense meant, but I have no idea if you wired the speakers correctly either. That's why we provide that speaker in-door plug-and-play harness which you mentioned in an earlier post - so that there's no possibility of anyone getting any of the connections wrong.
I bought it directly from the authorized US dealer from their website, I trust the parts should be OEM quality parts. I agree your harness would definitely come handy in my case. I am pretty confident I got the crossover wired correctly as there are lables on it. And I soldered the connection. However, my wiring fell short, I had to extend it by strip and twist it to other piece and black taped. I don't think that should have any problem.

For the speaker wiring, since there is no label of +/- on it. Could you help clarify something, would be greatly appreciated. I used the larger clip as positive end, and smaller clip as negative, is that correct?

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(By the way, I don't know how you mounted the circuit board, but if you used anything with a metallic surface, such as sound damping material with aluminum, or even metallic duct tape...)
I had to strip it down to bare circuit to get it fit in the door. I used velcro to mount at upper back end corner of the car.

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Did you use twisted-pair RCA from the Technic harness to the amp input?

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I've followed your hiss problem posts, and the last thing you need to do is add more gear. You've seen our customers post that they haven't had hiss problems with this amp unless the gains are too high, and I haven't seen hiss problems with this amp myself. I've also heard these speakers, and I know that when everything is properly connected, this gear should sound great.
Any suggestion what I can do at this point? Should I bring this to a shop near by?