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Originally Posted by dryan81 View Post
There is no doubt Mayweather has skills...and is probablly one of the most arrogant sports figures ever. But, with an undefeated record, can you blame him ? He has backed up the garbage that comes out of his mouth 41 times!

Now, if Pac-Man would only agree to the olympic style testing (really not a big deal), we would have an epic fight.

Neither Pac-Man nor Mayweather can be considered the best until they fight one another. It's that simple.
Do some reading into the situation about testing. They both agreed to testing. Then after the agreement was made the Mayweather camp negotiated in bad faith (changed the deal after the terms were made agreeable).

Mayweather AND Pacquiao have both fought chumps for the last 3 years. At least Pacquiao hasn't fought washed up has-beens though.
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