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Originally Posted by ShereKhan View Post
All my collleagues who have an SE love the M Sport wheel - even the chap with the E46 M3 would like my steering wheel in his car.

I think its great too especially when the i'm holding on when the car is going sideways around a roundabout. I've had a few of those moments recently in the wet...
I have an SE and while I don't miss the M-Tech kit generally, I don't care much for the standard Sport wheel. The SE has the sports seats and suspension so with 230-style wheels I was happy...until I saw the M-Sport wheel!!

The Dealer quoted a ridiculous price to get me one but happily eBay saved the day and I had a choice between the E92 M-sport wheel and the new M3 wheel - I chose the M3 wheel with its tri-colour stitching. It arrived last week and feels great so all I need to do now is get it fitted.
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