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Originally Posted by sunpole View Post
Thanks for checking man. By setting the high pass at 500 hz for the front speakers, that actually helped the sound a little bit, it is not as harsh as before.

Hissing noise is still there as soon as I increase the gain. I can't hear it when volume and gain are turned all the way down, I am not sure if that increase when playing music and causing the harshness.

Of course the whole thing fell far from my expectation. After more tuning, I feel the Jehnert door speakers are too small to handle a lot of the lower frequencies > 200 and it gets distorted easily. Maybe the next step is to add a MS8 or some sort, but that would be down the road, I am staying put for now until someone can tell me what's wrong.

I'm glad everything worked out for you buddy, sorry didn't get a chance to take a picture of the door panel for you, hope you should be all set by now.
In amp installation instructions I have seen, it says to make sure your power wire from the battery to the amp stays at least 10 cm away from any other car harness wiring, I would check for this also make sure your power and ground wires are being run along side any of your input signal wires from the head unit to the amp.