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Originally Posted by TL View Post
and that means spending some $$ as i would have to fix 2 of the rims and get the trims wrap in black and get black kidneys.....i think about that next summer
Do eeeeeet! You know what they say about going black....

Also, I can't see your pic of the wheels mounted.

Originally Posted by dwells View Post
Those of you running 335is, are any of you rocking a tune? It's getting to that point where I want some more power (car's feeling a bit sluggish lately, I wish there was a nearby dyno). However, I still have the CPO warranty and go to the dealer for everything including oil changes, so the thought of having to get into the ECU and remove a PROcede/JB4 each time kinda bothers me. Leaning toward the COBB at this point just for ease of use.

How much do you think I'm going to harm my car running a fairly conservative tune (hoping for 370hp-ish after an intake and tune)? I don't want to have to deal with blown turbos at 100K and I've seen people on here complaining about blown turbos. Is powertrain damage something I really need to worry about it, or is that something that only happens in the 450hp/meth injection range?
JB4 would be be a good choice for your needs. It's really not that hard to remove it as long as you get the PnP harness.