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Now available for xi/xdrive: TC Kline True-Match Coilovers


Big thanks to Erik Maxwell from TC Kline and Wayne Moubray and James Muskopf from Road Race Tech.

-Koni yellow, custom TC Kline valved, Single external adjustable
-height adjustable
-Choice of either TC Kline linear rate springs or others (Hyperco, Swift, etc for an upcharge)
-Priced around $1800


In a word: Appropriate

I use my car as a daily driver, but I plan on tracking or autocrossing it at least monthly. I need to be able to drive through snowy mountain roads as well as road courses. All the while I didn’t want to worry about a shock blowing up from a nasty pothole, or getting tons of slop from a setup that was too soft.

Wayne let me know that the installation was pretty cut and dry. The only area that required a little creativity was under the strut tower brace where the adjuster would contact the brace. This was a simple fix by pinching/crimping the underside of the brace to give some clearance underneath. No sweat.
James Muskopf chose the spring rates for me (450/700 Hyperco). They also put in Vorshlag camber plates, M3 subframe bushings, and an H&R rear bar. The reason they only went to 700# in the rear was due to the nature of single adjustable shocks. They haven’t had luck running anything higher than 700# on any single adjustable shock. If you decide to run something higher, grab the TC Kline double adjustable. Since the RWD shocks are the same as the AWD, there shouldn’t be any fitment issues.

Like above, the TC Kline coilovers are exactly appropriate for my needs. The ride is firm, but completely compliant. It absorbs potholes, expansion joints, and speed bumps extremely well. Before, there was just a sensation of slop throughout the car. Steering was imprecise. Bumps would unsettle the car and leave you feeling like a bobblehead. Braking threw you forward in a dive. Not anymore. Additionally, I have yet to hear a squeak, pop, groan, or any other “because racecar” noise. Every time I drive it, I have the windows rolled up and the stereo off to try and hear anything.
Have I driven more precise, or more track-ready cars? Yes. But that wasn’t my goal. I’m living in reality. I have a 4000# luxury sedan…not a stripped Miata or a Cup car. This is absolutely a car that I could take the wife or clients in and they would have no idea that the ride was anything other than stock. However, it is a changed animal when you drive it with some anger. I love it.
However, if anybody is looking to replicate my setup, I would advise a little bit more front bar. Wayne felt the same way. Wayne suggested either using the stock bar or the UUC bar and hacking off the ends and then welding in adjustable blades. Definitely the route I plan on going down when I get to it.

To purchase these, I would recommend going through RRT. They have the install/parts experience, as well as knowledge of other suspension setups for your needs. For the hookup contact Wayne @ Road Race Tech:, 703-661-4222

Or you can go through TC Kline via Erik Maxwell:, (614) 771-7744

Pictures to come.

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