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Originally Posted by Easternedge View Post
Need Help please!

WTF LC! I though it was straight forward as could be~! DSC off, Sport on, shift to sport, brake then gas?!?!

On the other hand chirped 2nd a couple times. How often does it happen to you?
It is pretty straight forward... read the manual...
  1. Press the DTC once quickly (DTC will light up on dash)
  2. Sport on
  3. Manual 1st gear (move to S, then move to get M1)
  4. With your left foot, hold the brake all the way down
  5. With your right foot, floor the accelerator past kickdown while still braking
  6. A checkered flag will show up in the dash and the engine will rev to around 5k rpm and hover there.
  7. Let go of the brake and hold on