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Originally Posted by LRS View Post
Thanks peterg1965

How would you rate Click4Gap?

Did you go with them purely based on their price or was their policy more solid then the completion?
LRS, I will be honest, I bought based on price. I did call first and talked to a man at their office, he sounded knowledgebale and entirely convincing. The company is regulated by the FSA, which I assume provides for payout in the event of the company going under. I would rate them highly on the buying experience alone, I clearly did not claim so cannot comment there. I have dug out my old policy document, I actually paid 197 after the 10 Autotrader discount for 15000 cover over 3 years from Sept 06, it was RTI cover. Premiums have risen since then. I will be buying another GAP policy when I get my new car so will probably go back to Click4Gap.

Click4Gap is 'brough to you by Future45 Ltd' - as it says on the document. It is internet based so you print out your own certficate of cover. Hope that helps.