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m balla
m balla

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2008 E90 335i step w/ JB-tune: avg ~20mpg spirited (had hpfp / rear diff deal issues)
2009 E92 M3 DCT: avg ~18 mpg drove it civil
2010 E90 335i m-sport step w/ PPK, Perf exhaust: avg. ~23 mpg spirited driving (hpfp issues)
2011 E92 335is DCT: avg 23 mpg civil, 19 mpg spirited

For the price and not having to worry about warranty - the PPK will reduce turbo lag and increase fuel efficiency because you won't have to press the gas as much

I wouldn't worry about the step vs dct issue - I believe the PPK does something to remap the shift points in the step and has the tq converter - it is worth it if you don't want a more aggressive tune

I do admit the exhaust note with the n54 + step + PPK + PE was sweet