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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
Consuming less calories then your daily maintenance will result in weight loss. How signifigant that deficit is will dictate how much of that weight is also LBM.

Pretty crazy stuff I know.
That's misses something.
Without exercise, the calories needed to to maintain your body is pretty low.
If you eat less than your body needs, you will force your body to tap into reserve energy (fat), for sure, but you are depleting your body of vital nutrients. You'll get all sorts of health issues if you do this long term.
The best thing is to exercise more than you eat. That way you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.
Yes, it's possible. Mike Phelps ate 6000+ cal/day during training and was skinny as a board. A well fit board.
You don't want to exercise that much? Don't eat so much.
But zero exercise is the cause of all the obesity problems we have in this country.