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Originally Posted by Exwoodchuck View Post
I'm looking at getting the European Alpine Retrofit kit for my Base Audio-equipped '10 E90. The PN on the kit is 65412163268 and as per the instructions, it says that the car needs to be recoded.

Here's the txt in question-
...Encode/Program retrofit with ISSS via the path -Conversion-
...Perform quick test
...Perform function test

From what I've read, its coding the radio from Base to Hi-fi, which would get rid of the EQ settings.

My questions are--
1) Since this is a European kit, would a US dealer balk at recoding it per the instructions? My Indy has the full ISSS setup if it came to that. But can this coding even be accomplished on a US car?

2) Is it possible to code it via NCSExpert? If so, how? I'm familiar with NCSExpert having used it on my E38.

Any help would be appreciated!!
Just code the OEM HU to output HiFi using NCS Expert.