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Originally Posted by BIGTIME View Post
The plastic bit on my passenger side blower near the window has snapped off. I aren't that bothered as it's pointing at the window anyway, but just wondered if anyone knows how to clip it back on. I can't be bothered to book it in the dealers for a morning.
Might help with a photo of the broken pastic bit, but it sounds like you have broken something off your vent. If the plastic is snapped, then you could try to glue it, but it's a bit delicate area and heat from the vents may make the glue soft.
A new vent unit is about 35 and is fairly easy to swap. All you need are some trim tools to pullout the dash trim. It's stuck on with pins so you can pry it straight out. Just be a bit careful around the centre vents as the wire on the hazard light is a bit short. There are plenty of guides how to do this from people carbon wrapping the trim.