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^Jesus. Hey at least you got compensated. I would have rung their little necks.

Originally Posted by Pharaoh2716 View Post
So last night my buddy and I are driving around 12:30 when were stopped waiting to turn right. We turn then all of a sudden the GMC Yukon that was coming the other way opens up its sunroof and one kid pops out and nails my car with two eggs. I immediately went home and washed it off, but now there are little white marks in a swirling shape where the egg hit. I'm pretty sure they are just little chips in the paint, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know if there is anyway to get the little white marks off? Oh and to top things off last week my rear bumper got hit and needs to be repainted
So crappy man. Where are you in the Bay? I know a great body shop that I really trust. Also where did it happen? You've got me worried lol