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Man that sucks. I remember a few years back when I had my G37 I was stopped at a light next to a school bus. I had my sunroof down and when the bus started to pull off one of the kids windows came down and my car was showered with loose change ... yes coins. They were trying to make it in the sunroof but instead it just dented up the roof and chipped the paint. I followed that bus to the next stop, and got out. When the bus driver opened the doors I jumped on the bus and went ape shit. I didn't really know who did it but I knew about which row they were on. I went ballistic, the Bus driver started radio'ing into the police. By the time it was done the kid that did it got ratted out by his friends, and because his parents were assholes I ended up having to sue them for the $1800 in damages. Oh and the cops told me I'm not allowed to storm up onto school buses anymore.
Good job!